Tips for parquet care and cleaning

Lantana Parke Bakımı

When the parquets that we prefer as flooring are maintained and cleaned regularly, they become decoration elements that remain bright for many years and add elegance to your home. However, when it is not maintained and cleaned regularly, wooden parquets will lose their visual appearance, decay over time and cause a bad floor. Every housewife wants the parquets in her house to have a neat and stylish appearance for a long time, and the decoration of living areas such as the living room, living room and bedroom to be more decorative. There are many ways to protect the parquets in your home, keep them clean and maintain their decorative appearance. How to care for parquet in this article, we will touch on detailed information about laminated parquet maintenance and give tips. In order for the parquets in your home to remain radiant and stay healthy for many years, you should pay attention to the following points:

* In order to keep the flooring in your home healthy for a long time, you should first clean it regularly. You should pay attention to the cleaning products you will use while cleaning, and avoid harsh chemicals or acidic cleaning products that will damage shiny surfaces. When you use these products, you can darken wooden surfaces and cause damage to the surfaces. You can clean your parquet with the help of a vileda by using wooden surface cleaning products and keep it healthy for a long time. When choosing parquet care products, you should be very meticulous and avoid damaging your parquets.

* Instead of parquet cleaning products or surface cleaners, you can choose baby shampoos that have been used in recent years and are an economical choice for wood cleaning. You should prefer baby shampoos for regular parquet cleaning especially for laminated parquet maintenance. You should use baby shampoos both in terms of economy and easy cleaning of the parquet surfaces.

* You should also carefully select the brushes you will use for laminated parquet maintenance. You should not prefer hard brushes for the brushes you would prefer for parquet maintenance, you should prefer soft-tip brushes. Hard-tipped brushes can create scratches on the parquet surfaces and damage the luster of the parquet. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the brushes you will choose.

Lantana Parke Bakımı

* Laminated parquets, which are preferred as flooring, can be exposed to stains when not cleaned for a long time. Another method you can use when you encounter stains in parquet care is the use of alcohol. Ethyl alcohol will easily pass all the stains on the parquet such as ink, paint, and glue. You can put some water in a bucket, add some ethyl alcohol on it and wipe the parquet with the help of a cloth.

* You can use natural cleaning products instead of chemical cleaning products in the cleaning of the parquets in your home. Vinegar, which is a natural cleaning product, is very important for parquet cleaning. You can clean the parquets regularly with the help of a vilada or cloth by mixing equal amounts of water and vinegar. Since vinegar is a cleaner with high acidity, it should not be applied on the floorings without dilution.

* You can also apply wax if you want your parquets to have glossy surfaces for a long time while performing laminated parquet maintenance. When wax is applied to the parquet surfaces in thin layers, it will cover the surface of the parquets and prevent stain formation as well as scratches that may occur on the parquet surfaces.

* Another product that you can use to preserve the decorative appearance of the parquet surfaces and have a shiny surface is wood polishes known as parquet polish. Wood polishes also allow parquets to have glossy finishes and maintain their luster for longer. Although wood polishes are economically expensive compared to other surface cleaners, it is an ideal product for wood care and wood surface cleaning processes.

For the flooring of your home, parquets in colors and tones that are compatible with the decoration color and texture should be preferred. After deciding on the parquet model, you need a specialist who will apply your parquet. If you do not work with a competent parquet master, your parquets will swell over time, wear out and begin to open at joints. Therefore, you should work with a competent master.

Lantana Parke Bakımı