Eye-catching flooring of a magnificent apartment in Istanbul

The construction sector made serious strides and leaps in the last few decades, not only in Turkey but all over the world. While one foot of this is creating large-scale projects such as airports, bridges and stadiums, housing production continues at a speed that the world has never seen. On the other hand, the things that make these developments possible are the expansions created by technological advances like many other sectors. New production techniques have enabled many new generation building materials to be found widely and cheaply. Flooring products, which are an important part of the sector both in commercial and public areas, and in residences, also got their share from these developments.

Today, the flooring material in numerous varieties and unlimited different properties is easily accessible for everyone. So how do we find the best quality products for this abundance? Unfortunately, there is no shortcut for this. In this article, we have discussed a company that performs a high-level production and application beyond world standards in the field of flooring and we will try to help you at least seek your quality.

Laminated floors are among the new generation materials that hit the last twenty years that we have left behind. Today, they appear in every level of residence that appeals to every income group. Of course, this level of serious prevalence brought along cheapness. However, those who seek a higher quality in this prevalence and abundance may have difficulty in finding options. Lantana Parke comes into play right here and offers high quality products for high expectations with its exclusive collection. In this sense, it would not be wrong to say that they filled a very important gap in the market.

The understanding that brings production quality together with design

Using the most advanced techniques, the highest quality materials and the most experienced staff on the production line does not automatically bring success. Design is at least half of that product, especially if you are producing a product that is at the forefront with its visuality. This is perhaps the most important aspect that distinguishes the Lantana collection from its peers; You find both a quality that will serve for many years and a design that will adapt to the most elegant decorations.

Designs from tradition to future

In addition to the parquet, Lantana Parquet, which also includes products such as wooden stairs, skirting boards and outdoor decks, serves its customers with 7 different collections in the parquet area, where it is actually assertive. These collections, ranging from the most classic models to the most innovative new generation designs, are in a wide enough range to appeal to all tastes.

The best quality application on every ground

Lantana Parquet does not only produce floors for residences. These high quality laminated parquets are easily used in many different areas such as offices, offices, shops and public institutions. Acting with the principle of providing the highest application quality on every desired surface, the company has proven itself with its experience of 25 years in the sector and today it has become a manufacturer.