About us

Lantane Parquet Company

Lantana Parquet was established in Turkey, Istanbul in 1996 and started a journey by importing parquet throughout the world. It is continuing its activities by manufacturing high quality laminated parquet in order to meet the expectations of the Turkish and global markets.

Lantana Parquet has combined the years of knowledge and experience with its manufacturing quality. The infrastructures of the technical team and the latest technology machines as well as the product variations are constantly improved in order to keep the customer satisfaction at its highest level.

Lantana Parquet is the preferred parquet brand of the clientele domestically and globally with the collections consisting of the latest color and texture trends.



As Lantana, we provide high quality and innovative service with safety trade principle by producing genuine products without compromising on quality standarts.
Our purpose is to confidently move forward with sustainable growth potential, wide product range and business partners that put forward their difference by selecting Lantana.



We aim to meet the consumers expectations at the highest level by expanding our marketshare in Turkey and internationally and by ensuring the right quality / price ratio.


Classy Completeness
Providing Flooring

Lantana preserves its significant place in the industry with parque and flooring solutions.